Keyword search tools

The use of web pages is, at present, essential for any company, because not only the CoViD-19 pandemic that the world is experiencing and that has forced millions of people to stay at home and that companies only attend to homes or through the internet, but because since contagion there is a tendency to consult things online instead of asking.

Given the case, if a company wants to advertise on the Internet, it must be identified in the search engines with the correct keywords, since the keywords are the ones that the search engine will identify when the user searches for something. Keywords are what the web positioning of a company depends on.


What are keywords?

Keywords are, as the name implies, terms that are definitive when identifying an academic work, a web page or, in this case, a company with a web page. Keyword search tools are a set of algorithms used to determine or search the search volume of keywords that are going to identify a business through web search engines.

For example, a website of Tijuana dentists can use keywords related to the profession and the place where they are located, for example, the word Dentist can be used, and the words Baja California or Tijuana to determine the place where they are So when potential clients search for these services in a search engine, the Tijuana dentist’s office page is one of the first suggestions.

Likewise, keywords must be specific and must not be subjective or generalized. For example, if a clinic wants to promote the mommy makeover in Tijuana, it must use keywords that are specific to this aesthetic procedure, since using words such as “Postpartum procedures in Baja California” are not very useful because a postpartum procedure may not refer specifically to the mommy makeover, and if it refers to an entire state, it does not refer specifically to the city where the procedure is being offered.

How are keyword search tools used?

Keyword search tools work as if they were a statistics program, since they show us how searched a word or a set of them is in the searches of a certain search engine, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

To use these tools, the first thing to do is choose the keywords for the web page, for this you must take into account how important these words are in the concept of the company and its website, in addition to that they must be concrete and objective.

After choosing them, you must access these tools, which mostly work on the same search engines as Google Keyword Planner. There, the chosen keywords are written and the tool shows their search volume, if this is not the desired one, other keywords that are more searched can be chosen to increase the relevance of the page.