How Much Should You Pay for a Phone Charging Station?

Cell phone charging stations can prove a worthy investment for any retail space, office lobby, school, hospital, or convention center venue.  While it’s essential to shop around to find the right fit for your space, consider the many benefits a phone charging station can bring.

The Costs and Benefits of a Phone Charging Station

The Costs

The average price for a charging station can vary.  With ranges from the low hundreds to the low thousands, KwikBoost’s models fit most budgets.

To lock or not to lock.  This may very well be the first question to ask yourself, as this may be the most significant determining factor when it comes to price.  The more affordable charging stations can generally accommodate anywhere from 6 to 8 devices and don’t include lock boxes for each device. 

For single rooms or small waiting areas, a business can provide customers the convenience of charging their devices starting as low as $129 for a table-top model.  This affordable mini-hub accommodates four outlets and can even be for personal use.  

The sweet spot is the median range where most businesses may want to start looking seriously.  The Stay and Charge model can accommodate eight devices and starts at a nice price of $349. From here, you can customize the size and, for most models, the external appearance.  The mid-range models can go upwards of $800 and can charge up to 10 devices. Again, this is for models that don’t involve security lockers. Higher priced “lockbox” style stations can range between 2-5k.  

The Benefits

Considering the cost, what types of benefits can you expect with this type of investment? 

1) Customer comfort and satisfaction:  People visiting your business will appreciate the convenience of a phone charging station and are more likely to think positively about their visit.  Many times it’s these types of details that leave a good impression, consciously and subconsciously.

2) Longer exposure time:   Simply put, a charging station can give guests a reason to linger.  If you have a retail space, and one of your goals is to increase sales, a strategically placed station can allow for more browsing time.

3) Monetize:  While some charging stations may charge a nominal fee (along the lines of a $.25 storage locker), you may consider selling advertising.  The station’s surface is prime and space, and the possibilities are ample. Keep it blank and sell temporary, month-long ads, or offer it as an exclusive space and charge more.  Remember, at KwikBoost, we do customize many of our models. At this rate, it is not unrealistic for a charging station to pay for itself within a year or less.  

Either way, a phone charging station is a win-win situation.  At a starting price point of just a few hundred dollars, the benefits of having a KwikBoost charging station will far outweigh the cost.  Contact us to learn more about the many options available to you.